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Vision360IT provides a highly scalable platform for e-commerce management. Built on secure, multi-tenant cloud architecture, the Demand ware platform has proven reliable in supporting a very large and fast-growing volume of digital commerce.

With Demand ware technology, retailers can easily implement e-commerce management services that include:

  • Global expansion : With e-commerce management capabilities from Demand ware, retailers can more easily take advantage of opportunities across borders, using a single template to handle different customs, currencies, languages and cultures.
  • Personalized shopping : Vision360IT provides predictive intelligence to connect data points about each shopper’s journey and enable retailers to differentiate their brand and communications across touch points and shopping channels.
  • Multi-brand/site support: No matter how much brands or sites a merchant has or plans to roll out, the Vision360IT provides a common building for all of them. Retailers can leverage existing work when launching new brands and sites, and syndicate content across brands, sites, categories, catalogs and consumer experiences for maximum impact.
  • Digitized stores: Vision360IT offers mobile interfaces designed specifically for use in the store, allowing sales associates to locate inventory beyond what is on the shelf in helping to prevent walked sales.